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Automate Food Quality Control plans 


Plan and automate the management of food testing !

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All your Quality Control Plans in a single software !


Stop juggling multiple Excel files and calendars to organize and schedule your controls!

Centralize and schedule all your analyses to automatically manage hundreds of control plans.

📅 Create your quality control plans in less than 2 min !


CIKLab centralizes all your analyses, products, and all your control providers (subcontracting laboratories, internal control service, etc.)

  • Drag and drop your analyses from the catalog
  • Set your specifications
  • Define your periodic frequencies

With each new batch, CIKLab notifies and automates all your analysis launches based on the frequencies!

💡 Thanks to the duplication feature: create dozens of control plans with just one click!

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Plans de contrôle CIKLab
Plans de contrôle qualité produit CIKLab-1

🎯 Centralize all your control plans


Easily find all your control plans on a dedicated application !

  • Monitoring of indicators
  • .CSV exports
  • Editing control plans and technical data sheets in .pdf

💡 Modifying control plans is secured with usernames, passwords, and tracked through the audit trail.


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📊 Track all your results, optimize your control plans !


Are you up to date with your controls ? What were the latest results ? When will the next ones take place ?

Now track in real time for each product and each analysis, the entire history of results to optimize your controls.

💡 With just one click, easily modify the periodic frequencies and/or your subcontracting laboratories !

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Historique de contrôle - CIKLab


Use CIKLab to automate your Quality Control Plans !


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1-Choose your analyses

Stop taking risks by re-entering results.

Lot and analysis management is automatic. All parameters and results to be displayed on the certificate of analysis are pre-recorded.

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2- Enter your specifications

Searching, compiling, and formatting all your results in Word or Excel: that's over !

Edit your certificates of analysis with just one click !


3 - Set your frequencies

Only authorized persons can validate the batches and issue the certificates of analysis.

All certificates of analysis are automatically stored in .pdf format in a library secured by a password.

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